Monday, August 15, 2011

This morning I was watching a bit of Morning Joe on MSNBC, and  I saw this commercial of this couple, that was walking in a busy downtown street, in some foreign land, and he points his iphone into the street and on the screen shows text over some of the buildings, like "delicious noodles", etc. He smiled at his female companion, and they proceeded to walk toward one of those buildings, all smiles.  THAT was the deciding moment for me to start this blog.   Sort of a final straw if you will.   It made me realize how so many people just let their iphone, or any other similar gadget, tell them how to proceed with their life.  NO thinking, no deciding, just let this gadget take over and run the show.  If this was a real situation, these people would immediately walk over to the place that their iphone said was a great place for noodles, and miss out on probably even seeing the quaint little antique shop, or a really neat little restaurant that doesn't exist in the virtual iphone world.  People have lost the spontaneity of walking down the street and looking around, not just seeing, but smelling, hearing, the sites and sounds of the place.  Maybe even getting lost and as a result finding some out of way place.  Yes there is some danger involved of ending up in the wrong street. Is that not part of LIVING?  These iphone victims,  are, like robots, following the programmed message - great noodles - and miss out on the real world that they could discover on their own.  Who decided that this was a place for great noodles?   Who is in control of your life?  Some piece of software, some marketing guru, someone who paid to get their place to show up on your iphone?  Certainly not you. What so many people do not realize is that one of the most pleasurable experiences are not planned ones but those serendipitous occurrences that happen when you allow for it.  By being always plugged-in to your iphone, your ipad, the internet, you have sold your soul to the virtual world of bits and bytes. Your world is the world that someone else has decided for you.  

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